About Us

Digital Imaging Systems Limited was established in August 1999, to address imaging needs and solutions digitally to the Graphics, Imaging and Infoimaging Industry. Digital Imaging Systems Ltd is a premier service and solution provider to the Graphics, Imaging and Infoimaging industry covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and the Greater East Africa.

We provide solutions ranging from equipment, software and their respective consumables, to the following segments;

  • Photographic and Graphic Design products
  • Electronic Imaging, photosensitive products i.e CTP imaging devices, plates and chemistry
  • Wide Format scanning and printing equipment with their respective consumable products
  • Mapping Cartography (GIS) and aerial imaging
  • Medical and Scientific imaging products
  • Engineering / Mining imaging products
  • Newspaper imaging products
  • Full colour commercial printing products
  • Advertising indoor, instore and outdoor imaging products
  • Textile printing products
  • Three dimension (3D) imaging
  • Production and colour management software
  • Print cost and control
  • Service support and training

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